25 years of Certas, two times CHF 25,000 for young people and environmental protection


We celebrated an anniversary in 2020 – our company’s 25 years young! We had planned various festive occasions for customers, partners and staff. But 2020 didn’t quite go as planned!

We celebrated, but in a different way

Planning and realisation at the beginning of the year was making good progress: the venues for the celebrations were booked and the anniversary programmes and many other details were settled. But then, with heavy hearts, we made the decision that the events couldn’t take place as envisaged. Instead, to mark our 25th anniversary, Certas AG has donated CHF 25,000 of the anniversary budget to the Bildungswerkstatt Bergwald foundation, and the same amount again to the Umwelteinsatz foundation. These two institutions perfectly embody Certa’s values – “reliable, visionary, human”. The donations are in support of both young people and the environment. Calling off the events doesn’t mean we didn’t celebrate! Our CEO Jean-Claude Mock ceremoniously handed over the donations on 30 November 2020.

Close to nature and digital

Established in 1995, Bildungswerkstatt Bergwald is a Swiss not-for-profit foundation that works with young people and adults in woodland to foster their relationship with nature. Established in 1976, Umwelteinsatz is a foundation that plans, organises and supervises environmental assignments for groups throughout Switzerland. Young people and adults work to protect and maintain nature and the cultural landscape. Both foundations are ZEWO-certified. The ZEWO quality seal is awarded to not-for-profit organisations that are conscientious in their use of donations. We’re looking forward to the environmental project involving the two foundations and will keep you informed about the joint activities in nature. 


Donation handover to the Umwelteinsatz foundation. (picture above) and to the Bildungswerkstatt Bergwald (picture below).

Spendeübergabe an die Stiftung Umwelteinsatz Spendeübergabe an die Stiftung Umwelteinsatz
Spendeübergabe an die Stiftung Umwelteinsatz Spendeübergabe an die Stiftung Umwelteinsatz