Security is based on reliance

Certas is the market leader in professional alarm management – a title we defend with the same vigour we dedicate to people, companies and buildings in Switzerland. But we alone cannot guarantee your security. For this, we rely on our employees, strong teams and partners and, above all, the trust of our customers. We want our collaboration to stay seamless, both now and in the future, which is why we are always delighted to receive your questions, suggestions and feedback.

Become part of the team, that's what you can expect from us: employment conditions.

Jean-Claude Mock, CEO  

« We do everything we can to provide our customers with the highest level of comfort and safety. Certas will always be there for you, anywhere and anytime. The Certas customer comes always first. »

Daniel Minder, CIO  

«Our working processes are fully geared to the current and future needs of our customers and are continuously optimized. By using the most modern technologies, Certas is paving the way to an innovative future.»

Edouard Sahli, Branch manager Lausanne

«Our Certas employees are always there for you. They are friendly, committed and professional. They use their security knowledge to provide high-level service and assistance for our customers. Best practice procedures and an empowering work atmosphere lead to top performances.»

Roman Scherer, Branch manager Zurich

«We have been assisting you in security, protection and comfort for 25 years. As an interface between technology and people, we handle tens of thousands of signals daily, and take care of everything that has to be done every day – and every night too.»

Sarah Ben Aïssa, Head of Finances & Controlling

«As a reliable and innovative Finance department, we support external and internal customers on their path to a digital world. We firmly believe in professional yet friendly interaction.»

Fulvio D'Aurelio, Leiter Marketing und Produktmanagement

«The central challenges in marketing lie in identifying relevant market developments at an early stage, understanding customer needs and promoting innovative solutions. The customer is at the centre of our decisions.»

Andrea Caraça, Head of Human Resources 

“Staffed with highly competent individuals, the Human Resources department contributes to a modern working environment while promoting diversity.”

Bernhard Courvoisier, Special Projects

«Experience and know-how are important in the area of Special Projects; they help us develop alongside our customers and keep one step ahead. The receiving and processing of events and information in the realm of security and building services is itself a specialist area.»

Elisabeth Lipiec, Head of Quality, Process and Risk Management

«Our Quality Management ensures that the services we provide meet high standards of quality, externally and internally.  We strive for continuous development and improvement. The quality management system sets forth our processes and procedures and subjects them to continuous monitoring and optimisation.»

Marianne Rudolph, Assistant CEO / CIO

«In Office Management, we plan, organise and correspond at a personal level with a wide variety of stakeholders. Our aim is to provide reliable, professional support for senior management. Thanks to digital tools, this is increasingly done on a virtual basis, only with a little more human touch!»