Remote monitoring of technical installations and devices

With CERTAS control, you can enjoy the benefits that come with remote monitoring for your technical installations and devices – giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your evening safe in the knowledge that your technical systems are being professionally monitored around the clock.


Remote monitoring of technical installations and devices

Our quotation is tailored to your needs and may include a monitoring service for the following installations and devices: full building automation system, smart building, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, systems for production plants, and gas, water and oil pipes.

CERTAS control tailored to your needs

No two technical systems are the same. There are key differences depending on the size and specialisation of the device. We would be happy to advise you on a customised holistic monitoring concept for your installation.

We see something you don't see, while others are still groping in the dark.

How does CERTAS control work?
  1. Signal monitoring
    Monitoring of all technical installations and devices – including in private households.
  2. Limit values
    Assessment of the situation if the measurement values are outside of the defined normal range.
  3. On-site intervention
    Initiation of measures set out in the agreed alarm plan.
  4. Controlling
    Remote monitoring of the intervention and production of a final report
How does CERTAS control work?