Remote monitoring for alarm verification and access control purposes

Our alarm monitoring centre does not take its eye off what is important to you. This offers you several advantages: CERTAS video is a professional alarm management instrument and effective access control tool in one. Video transmission means not only that alarms can be verified on the spot, but also that people can be reliably identified.


Alarm verification

An alarm does not always signal an emergency. Thanks to video transmission, our alarm monitoring centre can verify the severity of the situation in real time – and decide whether further steps are necessary.


Remote door opening

Access control measures, such as doors and keys in residential homes, are a fundamental security measure for a building. Special solutions are required for locations with high security requirements, however. We keep in check who goes where and when on your behalf.

CERTAS video tailored to your needs

We are able to offer services for virtually all cases: Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to provide CCTV services even for complex buildings. Please feel free to contact us with specialist enquiries.

We see something
you don't see, and
that opens doors
for you.

How does CERTAS video work?
  1. Alarm signal
    An incident such as a break-in or broken glass will trigger an alarm in the hazard warning system.
  2. Verification
    Assessment of video material in the alarm monitoring centre and verification of alarm signals. If a situation cannot be easily verified, an intervention will be triggered in line with instructions.
  3. On-site intervention
    Mobilisation of all necessary private intervention services and public security forces. If images point to a criminal offence, this will be directly reported to the police.
  4. Controlling
    Remote monitoring of the intervention and production of a final report.
How does CERTAS video work?