As the market leader, we – together with our alarm monitoring centres – offer innovative, networked and highly reliable services for private customers and companies across Switzerland. We give people protection, security and peace of mind at all times – thanks to our reliable, visionary and people-driven services.

Mission Statement

As a subsidiary of the two parent companies Siemens Schweiz AG and the Securitas Group, Certas is Switzerland’s leading company in the areas of receiving and handling incidents and information from security systems and home technology in places where people want to feel safe.

Backed by a strong commitment to provide a responsible and reliable service, Certas has been combining its experience with state-of-the-art technology for 25 years. We offer high-quality services to our customers and partners.

Environmental policy of Certas AG

As market leader, Certas is committed to protecting the environment and avoiding unnecessary pollution. Certas attaches great importance to a forward-looking environmental policy as the basis for its actions. We implement our environmentally friendly behaviour as follows:

  • environmental aspects flow into the development and provision of our services,
  • we consider ecological criteria in the selection of our suppliers and partners,
  • we motivate our employees to behave in an environmentally friendly manner and report regularly on our environmental activities.

By striving to continuously improve our environmental performance, we want to strengthen our competitiveness and lead by example.


In April 2021, a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the Securitas Group building in Lausanne. The system consists of 180 modules with a total surface area of 299 m2 and an output of 62.1 kilowatts peak (measurement of the peak output of a photovoltaic system). This means that a great deal of the unused space on the roof is used for power generation.  This latest system will cover up to 60% of Certas’ electricity requirements for its operations in Lausanne. You can view the performance and energy output for the Lausanne site and even follow it in real time here. 

The roofs of the two complexes in Zollikofen and Lausanne are now equipped with photovoltaic systems that meet a large part of Certas' electricity needs.

Sicherheit und Gesundheitspolitik der Certas AG

Mit ihrer SGA Politik (Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit) ist es für Certas wichtig, ein sicheres und gesundes Arbeitsumfeld zu schaffen. Deshalb setzen wir ein spezielles Augenmerk auf die Gesundheit, Sicherheit und das Wohlbefinden unserer Mitarbeitenden, Partner und Kunden.

Unsere SGA Politik setzen wir wie folgt um:

  • Die Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit werden bei der Entwicklung und Erbringung unserer Dienstleistungen berücksichtigt
  • Wir sensibilisieren unsere Mitarbeitenden und ermutigen sie, sich an die SGA Regeln zu halten
  • Wir beziehen unsere Mitarbeitenden in die SGA Themen mit ein (Konsultation, Beteiligung)
  • Wir berücksichtigen bei der Auswahl unserer Lieferanten und Partner die SGA Kriterien

Mit all diesen Massnahmen tragen wir dazu bei, ein verantwortungsvolles Arbeitsumfeld mit sicheren und gesunden Arbeitsbedingungen zu gewährleisten.