Comprehensive protection for your company

Certas will take care of all of your security concerns as part of a comprehensive package: From break-ins, technical faults, robberies and automatic alarms in an emergency for people working alone to floods, lift emergency calls, strikes and shootings, Certas will take care of all organisational matters in the event of an alarm – giving you the time you need to take the first emergency response measures on site without delay.

Suitable Services


With CERTAS control you can rest assured that your technical systems and devices are being professionally monitored, allowing you to leave work with peace of mind and enjoy your evening.


Certas is a professional security service provider for break-ins, fires, personal assistance or technical problems. Discover protection, security and peace of mind in all areas here.


In crisis situations such as natural disasters, fire, demonstrations, technical faults, gas leaks and flooding, Certas will take care of all the necessary organisational matters.


In an accident, every second counts. Those working alone and people in need are particularly vulnerable. With CERTAS care, you can rest assured that emergency services will be mobilised as quickly as possible in an emergency, with all necessary measures taken. This ensures that even those who are alone are never left on their own.


CERTAS support line lets you serve internal and external locations safely, reliably and quickly. Whether as a customer hotline or triage for internal enquiries, our trained staff can adapt to your individual needs. We process calls and emails and operate third-party systems on your behalf. We can find a solution for every challenge.


CERTAS video is an alarm management and access control tool in one. Our experienced staff are skilled at quickly and reliably verifying alarms and identifying people using CCTV.

What happens in an alarm situation?
  1. Alarm situation

    If your alarm is triggered, our alarm monitoring centre will be alerted without delay.
  2. Alarm monitoring centre

    We then verify the signal and forward an alarm to the relevant bodies, which will be agreed with you in advance as part of a predefined alarm plan.
  3. Intervention

    We then verify the signal and forward an alarm to the relevant bodies, which will be agreed with you in advance as part of a predefined alarm plan.
What happens in an alarm situation?

The excellent cooperation between Dipl. Ing. Fust AG and Certas AG is based on outstanding and uncomplicated support/contact. We especially appreciate the regular and personal interaction as well as the great flexibility. From our perspective, Certas AG is a skilled specialist in the area of alarm monitoring and operations centres. We absolutely recommend Certas AG.

Silvio Cioffi
Division Manager Construction Management, Shopfitting & Expansion
Dipl. Ing. Fust AG

We have been using services from Certas for a number of years and are continuously working to expand our cooperation. We are able to rely on their excellent handling and forwarding of our “tickets”. The company’s friendly and uncomplicated approach – even for administrative issues – is truly inspiring.

Michael Dubler
Sales Manager Fixed Installations & Venue Services
Winkler Livecom AG

We see a positive trend with the Certas alarm monitoring centre. It has no competition in Switzerland. The most important factors for an alarm monitoring centre are immediate availability/handling by telephone along with a contact person. We have witnessed a very positive development in this area, too. However, the Certas instructions definitely need optimization because they are challenging for the customer to understand. The Certas portal also gives reason for hope.

Hans Göldi
Security consultant
Raiffeisen Switzerland

As a professional facility services company, a competent on-call support center is essential. CERTAS support line provides our customers with worry-free alerting.  

Deny Sonderegger
Managing Director
P. Sonderegger AG