Professional Support Around The Clock

Thanks to CERTAS support line, you can make life easier for your employees — and not just when things are hectic. We ensure that communication and the availability of your company are never interrupted — 365 days a year. We answer incoming calls and emails on your behalf in four languages — for professional support with high service quality.


Calls answered on your behalf

CERTAS support line lets you serve internal and external locations safely, reliably and quickly. Whether as a customer hotline or triage for internal enquiries, our trained staff can adapt to your individual needs. We process calls and emails and operate third-party systems on your behalf. We can find a solution for every challenge.

CERTAS support line tailored to your needs

We would be pleased to work with you to determine how we can best support your company. 

We see what you don't, and this is an individual solution for your needs.

How does CERTAS support line work?
  1. Multi-channel contact
    Our trained employees answer your customers concerns around the clock by email or telephone. They greet the person on your behalf and provide expert assistance. We set up your own email address and telephone number for this purpose.
  2. Categorisation of concerns
    Depending on the issue and urgency, we prioritise requests into various categories, according to your needs. We absorb your additional volumes so you can cope with your peak load.
  3. Triggering suitable measures
    We process enquiries directly, forward the relevant information to external third parties (second-level support, facility manager, technician) initiate an intervention or operate third-party systems.
  4. Controlling
    Every case is tracked and closed by us. The third party on site can report and confirm the work carried out to us. On request, as a customer, you receive a report on the deployment by email once the case has been completed.
How does CERTAS support line work?