Mobilisation of key people

In a crisis situation, such as a natural disaster, fire, demonstration, technical fault, gas leak or flood, Certas will take care of all the necessary organisational matters, giving you the time you need to take the first emergency response measures on site without delay.


Alerting via app

You can alert employees or family members directly from the app in the shortest possible time and automatically with a swipe motion. Fast, user-friendly and secure. The alerts received there can be both accepted and rejected by the recipients.


With Self-Commissioning, you process the bases for your alerting yourself. You can manage and change participant data and add or delete participant groups. You can manage your alarm events, change voice announcements or text messages simply and easily.


Telephone conference

In a crisis situation, Certas will set up a telephone conference with all necessary people so that a solution can be found pragmatically and swiftly. We establish the connection to the Certas monitoring centre independently of your systems. On request, we will also take part in the call and provide you with constructive advice backed by our many years of experience in the industry.