Companies – Protection for persons working alone

Those working alone are exposed to many risks: falls, injuries and other medical emergencies can pose serious risks. To provide immediate assistance in an accident or critical situation, Certas receives emergency call signals and organises rescues in line with individual emergency plans.


Private customers – Emergency solution for people living alone

Emergency wristbands allow the wearer to send a call for help at the push of a button. This automatically establishes contact with us, allowing our staff to quickly assess the situation and take any necessary action.

Protecting emergency kits and first aid

Municipalities, cities, hotels, shopping centres and companies: they want to offer people visiting their facilities the highest possible level of safety. This includes first aid in medical emergencies, especially in cases of cardiac arrhythmia. Opening the emergency kit, can open an automatic voice line to the alarm monitoring centre, which identifies the location of the kit and triggers the action required.



Certas offers specific solutions for monitoring vehicles, including real-time positioning (stolen vehicle tracking). In the event of a theft, we take immediate action, determining the exact position and intervening accordingly.


Electronic Monitoring

Electronic monitoring is used to locate and monitor people in the framework of criminal justice. Certas takes care of this service, for example for cantonal authorities.


SIM card

Alarm transmission via the Internet does not provide consistent stability. Certas therefore recommends transmission via the mobile network as a redundancy path for all IP connections. To enable this redundancy, all IP transmission devices must be equipped with a SIM card which allows alarm transmission.