Modern alarm systems can recognise an attempted break-in before any damage is done or anything is stolen. This gives Certas the precious time it needs to verify the alarm and initiate any necessary steps without delay.



Fire alarm systems alert the Certas alarm monitoring centre as soon as smoke or high temperatures are detected. All necessary intervention forces are deployed automatically and without delay to prevent and/or contain personal injury and property damage. Mandatory systems required by building insurance companies can also be connected to the Certas alarm monitoring centre.



Certas offers assistance to employees and private individuals alike in the event of a threat. Pressing a hidden switch will trigger a silent alarm, i.e. an alarm that does not make any sound or flash on site. This gives intervention forces the advantage of additional time as well as the element of surprise.



Do guardian angels have a guardian angel? Your alarm system does. If it's damaged or tampered with, it sets off a sabotage alarm. This important redundancy in the security chain is a considerable gain in efficiency for your alarm technology.


SIM card

Alarm transmission via the Internet does not provide consistent stability. Certas therefore recommends transmission via the mobile network as a redundancy path for all IP connections. To enable this redundancy, all IP transmission devices must be equipped with a SIM card which allows alarm transmission.