Remote monitoring of technical installations and devices

Our quotation is tailored to your needs and may include a monitoring service for the following installations and devices: full building automation system, smart building, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, systems for production plants, and gas, water and oil pipes and other systems.


CERTAS control IoT: smart processing of alarms

With CERTAS control IoT, you can take advantage of all the benefits of permanent monitoring in the security section of your smart home system. In the event of an alarm (e.g. burglary, disturbances, personal emergency call, fire, panic or water), all the required measures are taken so that you can relax and concentrate on the important things in life.

CERTAS control IoT is suitable for single people or families, owner-occupied homes and rented flats, as well as for companies. The prerequisite is the installation of a smart home system that has been tested and verified by us and can be connected to us. If your system is not listed, please contact our sales department and we will clarify everything else for you.

Who are our partners?

Create Automation – Loxone enables all kinds of easy control and intelligent automation, from smart homes and commercial properties to special applications. 50,000 steps less, more time to live. Loxone offers a flexible 360° solution for your intelligent home – for more security and convenience. Find your Loxone partner (installation) at www.loxone.com.

When it comes to security, the first thought is often an alarm system. But a smart home from Antcas can do much more than that: water break detectors notify users of defective pipes at an early stage. Monitoring of sewage pumps and circulation pumps can detect blockages long before they fail and inform users at an early stage. The Antcas system understands all common interfaces, can be configured completely freely and adapted to the customer's needs. Find your Antcas partner (installation) at www.antcas.com

360 degree building intelligence
Knockaut® Titan takes building control and automation to the highest level.



SIM card

Alarm transmission via the Internet does not provide consistent stability. Certas therefore recommends transmission via the mobile network as a redundancy path for all IP connections. To enable this redundancy, all IP transmission devices must be equipped with a SIM card which allows alarm transmission.