Switch-off of analogue telephone services by Swisscom by the end of 2019


The future is here: The era of analog telephony and ISDN (Integrated Voice and Data Network) is coming to an end. Telecommunications providers have uniformly converted the conventional fixed network telephony connection (analog / ISDN) to IP technology (digital / IP = Internet Protocol). 

This technology change also has an impact on the transmission to Certas and the operation of alarm solutions such as danger alarm systems, personal emergency calls and other alarm systems. This is because existing analogue devices no longer function in the IP world without specific measures. In order for hazard detection systems to function with the new technology, they must be converted to a complete IP solution. Alarm transmission via analogue lines has been discontinued by the telecommunications provider since 31.12.2019, 23.59 at the latest. 

The majority of our partners have changed over in time. We would like to thank our customers for walking with us calmly into the digital future - with security and well-being here.