Certas shows Environmental Consciousness and Community Spirit


From Lausanne to Zollikofen and all the way to Zurich, various teams at Certas have made it clear that responsibility and fun can go hand in hand. On the occasion of Clean-up Day 2023, they combined laughter and voluntary efforts to rid the environment of waste while creating memorable moments. 

At precisely 3:00 PM, a group of dedicated employees gathered in the courtyard of the Securitas building in Zurich. Equipped with gloves and grabbers, they set off in different directions. By around 4:40 PM, the impressive collection work was completed, and the teams reunited at Brupbacherplatz. Thanks to the support of the Werdhölzli recycling center, the collected waste was disposed of responsibly. 

As a reward for their proactive efforts, volunteers were treated to pizza and refreshments. This day was not just a contribution to environmental protection but also an opportunity for Certas employees to get to know each other better and strengthen their team spirit. 

This effort aligns with Certas's annual goals: raising awareness among employees about environmental issues is of paramount importance. Certas aims to be seen as a leader in environmental protection not only internally but also externally. Moreover, such a collective action day enhances teamwork and fosters cross-departmental exchanges. 

A big thank you to everyone who made this day a success. The environment and the community benefit from such initiatives. Certas impressively demonstrates how to embrace social responsibility while strengthening team cohesion.