Ein eindrücklicher Weg

Securitas AG and Cerberus, today the Smart Infrastructure unit of Siemens Schweiz AG, took the joint decision in 1995 to move alarm reception and processing into a professional, leading technological position. This was the starting signal for the Certas success story. The new service provider professionalised the alarm handling process from the start and has been consistently developing this important element of each security chain ever since. On the anniversary, the counter will stand at 9132 days on which Certas has been on the ball around the clock, processing signals and triggering secure responses. Being alert is part of the company’s DNA. That’s what Certas does in daily service for its customers, but also in terms of new opportunities and approaches to solutions. 

Armin Berchtold
Chairman of the Board Certas AG 
CEO Securitas Group 

25 Jahre Certas – ein eindrücklicher Weg

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