Certas increases safety

New identification rules for our customers.

Certas increases the security of the process of identifying customers on the phone. For identification by means of a security code, it is also necessary to call up information about criteria for fire protection, technical aspects or faults by telephone. Your alarm system can not be tested without formal identification.

Processing the alarm signal
The security experts of the remote monitoring center receive the signal, clarify the measures to be taken and react in accordance with the instructions agreed with the customer. The first check concerns the filtering of false alarms, because most false positives are due to operator errors. A recall according to the list of contact persons allows a quick clarification and the immediate closure of the alarm message in case of a false alarm.

Identification by code
When commissioning the connection, the customer selects an identification code (numerical or combined code). In the case of a telephone call back, the security expert can use the code to determine whether his interlocutor has the right to be present or to change the instructions.

New directive concerning fire protection, technical alarm or malfunction
So far, for certain criteria (fire protection, malfunctions or technical alarms) no systematic identification by code was required. In the sense of a standardization of our procedures and for the highest possible security of the transmitted data from 01.07.2014 for all notifications concerning criteria for fire protection, malfunctions or technical alarms also the identification by means of code, as already exists for burglary or sabotage.

What changes for our customers?
You do not have to do anything. For the criteria of fire protection, technical alarms and faults, the callback procedure is adapted. Please enter the same codes as for burglary or sabotage criteria. Our installers use their personal identification code when calling back with the alarm Panel.