The Certas alarm monitoring centre 

An alarm system can only fulfil its role if hazard alerts, emergency calls and fault messages are handled immediately and competently.

The core element of every security concept is the alarm monitoring centre. This is where alarm messages are received, handled and forwarded. The measures needed to respond to an emergency are initiated immediately.

Connecting your alarm system to the Certas Alarm monitoring centre enables your property to be monitored and reduces your risk.

The Certas alarm Monitoring centre is able to handle a wide range of alarm signals and initiate the appropriate measures in the shortest possible time. The scope of capabilities in signal handling encompasses:

  • intrusion alarms
  • fire alarms
  • robbery alarms
  • emergency calls from persons needing assistance
  • lift and personal emergency calls
  • video monitoring signals (personal privacy guaranteed!)
  • building control systems: technical messages from systems such as air conditioning systems, heating systems, lifts, pressure detectors, water level detectors
  • messages from GPS tracking systems
  • emote surveillance (video surveillance / audio surveillance)
  • fault messages from hazard warning systems
  • fault messages from fire alarm systems

Instructions and alarm plan

Security calls for a clear concept. Major improvements in security can often be achieved with simple rules. In order to bring about a viable solution however, an integrated security concept is advisable. In an emergency, everything should happen quickly. For this reason, instructions that together constitute an alarm plan are drawn up in advance of every connection to Certas.


  • The alarm plan governs all actions in the Alarm monitoring centre which then serve to deal with the incident.
  • The alarm plan is drawn up in detail in consultation with the customer. Measures are defined for each individual alarm criterion, such as intrusion, robbery, fire, technical defects, etc. This also includes the customer's contact persons to be notified in the event of an incident.
  • Passwords and identification procedures determine how the different persons in this security chain legitimize each other.
  • Descriptions of the object to be protected, site plans, floor plans, safety devices and danger spots can also be incorporated in the alarm plan.

Technical monitoring of your alarm system

  • Signal transmission: should the transmission between the hazard warning system and the emergency call and control centre be interrupted, Certas will inform the customer so that the necessary security measures can be taken.
  • Principal transmission route / secondary transmission route: signal transmission is monitored both for the principal route (e.g. data line) and for the secondary transmission route (e.g. mobile phone signal).
  • Armed / disarmed: the alarm system status can be checked and compared with the corresponding timetable. Should the alarm system not be switched on at the end of business hours, immediate notification will be given in accordance with the instruction arrangements.
  • Low battery charge level: the system installer will be informed in good time if the batteries of a wireless alarm system indicate a low charge level enabling a planned replacement.