Access control

Access control is a fundamental security measure for buildings. Special opening and closing solutions are required for locations with high security requirements in particular. Access control may also contain a single-access entry control system to control the flow of people. Known systems include turnstiles, safety locks and sensor barriers. In combination with a barrier, the system is set up to ensure that only one person can pass through at once.

Windos and doors protection

Ensuring windows and doors are secure is vital for protecting buildings. Glazed balcony and terrace doors are classic weak 
spots. Older makes are also easy to lever open. Always close and lock all windows and doors when you leave the building. Windows left ajar are open windows. In this case, intruders can break into the building in less than 30 seconds. There are even more ways to secure your windows and doors: Detectors report unwanted access to the alarm system mechanically, electronically or magnetically. Doors, windows and garage doors, etc. can also be easily monitored using CCTV.

Door protection

Safety door

A huge door with a wide range of security features: Multi-point locking system with hinge bolts, euro cylinder locks, security strike plates and hinge safety mechanisms. There are a range of options, such as fire doors, smoke doors and radiation-shielded doors.

Door intercom system

A door intercom system, also known as an intercom system, allows two people in different locations to communicate with each other. These systems are mostly used as a point of contact between people who are indoors and outdoors, but can also be used to bridge communication between two different rooms. They are often connected to the doorbell. Modern intercom systems feature a video camera for visual checks.