Alarm system

Alarm systems, also known as burglary alarms, are used to provide security for properties (houses, companies, warehouses, garages, businesses, etc.) and people. Alarm systems generally consist of the monitoring centre (on site) and sensors and detectors, which are connected to the monitoring centre via a wire or wirelessly. In the case of an alarm, the alarm usually flashes and makes noise on site. If the alarm system is programmed to forward the alarm, it will notify the programmed bodies, such as the Certas alarm monitoring centre.

Alarm monitoring centre

There are public and private alarm monitoring centres. The public alarm monitoring centres include the police, the fire brigade and the military. Private alarm monitoring centres receive signals from various alarm systems and technical monitoring systems. Incidents are assessed by the dispatcher and handled in accordance with the customer’s alarm plan (instructions). The Certas alarm monitoring centre is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Intrusion detection system

Motion detector

A movement detector is a sensor that reacts to movement. It works either actively using electromagnetic waves (Doppler radar), ultrasound or passively using infrared light (passive infrared). These methods can be combined. Movement sensors are integrated into alarm systems and lighting systems, for example.

Fire alarm system

A fire alarm system is a system that triggers an alarm if smoke or high temperatures are detected. New fire alarm systems can also detect fires on the basis of flame characteristics. The area to be protected can be monitored by a camera to avoid any false alarms. This helps to avoid emergency services, such as the fire brigade, paramedics or police, from being called out unnecessarily.

Glass break sensor

A mechanical glass break sensor senses when a pane has been broken through a vibration contact located on the window. An electronic glass break sensor works using fine wires located over or in the pane or a frequency measurement device that detects the sound of breaking glass.