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Adjusting the schedule or the telephone number of an address shortly before the working day ends – up to now, our customers always had to inform the Certas AG employees by post or e-mail of such changes. Now, our customers can make adjustments by themselves, quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

As soon as you are registered in Certas’s customer portal, you can adjust addresses, schedules and even the alert procedure (instructions) by yourself in the menu item “Adjust data”. You can find the quickstart guide for registration on our website under "Downloads"

Adjustments of addresses

In case of an alarm, we will contact these addresses designated by the customer in the sequence specified. They might be private individuals and/or intervention services such as the police or Securitas.

Has one of your employees retired? In the CERTAS portal, you can:

  • Create an address
  • Adjust an address
  • Delete an address

Adjustments of schedules

A schedule allows instructions to be divided into working time and rest time. The correct instruction is automatically displayed to our employees in the alarm centre according to the alarm reception time.

Does your business have new opening times? In the CERTAS portal, you can:

  • Adjust your existing schedule

Schedules are only available with the subscriptions CERTAS Economy, CERTAS Business, CERTAS Premium and CERTAS alarmNET.


Adjustments of instructions

An instruction is the procedure created with the customer in the event of receiving a signal. The instructions detail precisely who is informed or called up, in which sequence and with which means of communication. Are you going on holiday and want to change the address to be alerted? In the CERTAS portal, you can:

  • Replace a system’s address
  • Replace an address completely

In the menu item “Systems”, customers can switch their alarm system from “normal” to “test” and vice versa. This function is also available in the CERTAS portal app and is used to switch the alarm system to the respective operating mode for tests or new configurations.

Choose the desired action and follow the step-by-step instructions in the CERTAS portal. It can take a few moments to process the data each time.

After your address, your schedule or your instruction has been adjusted, you can check and control your changes in the log. There, you can track the state of your adjustments.

Do you have any open questions or have you not yet registered? 

Do you have any open questions or have you not yet registered? We are glad to be of assistance – contact us with reference to “CERTAS portal” at any time at, and our employees will be happy to help you.