New photovoltaic system for our location in Lausanne


As the market leader, it is hugely important to us that we do our bit to protect the environment and minimise our environmental footprint. We place an emphasis on a forward-looking environmental policy, which forms the basis of our business conduct. CEO Jean-Claude Mock laid the foundations for Certas AG's environmental policy as far back as the turn of the millennium. 

The construction of the photovoltaic system on the roof of the Securitas Group facility on Chemin de Bérée in Lausanne began around 20 years later (on 8 February 2021). It has now been in operation since April 2021. The system consists of 180 modules with a total surface area of 299 m2 and an output of 62.1 kilowatts peak (measurement of the peak output of a photovoltaic system). This means that a great deal of the unused space on the roof is used for power generation. 

This latest system will cover up to 60% of Certas’ electricity requirements for its operations in Lausanne. You can view the performance and energy output for the Lausanne site and even follow it in real time here

The roofs of the two complexes in Zollikofen and Lausanne are now equipped with photovoltaic systems that meet a large part of Certas' electricity needs. In time, solar energy will be able to replace fossil fuels and make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. 

The use of this energy source lays the groundwork for a safe, independent and clean energy supply for Switzerland. Jean-Claude Mock: «It is very important to me that we continuously improve our environmental performance and serve as an example. We are not just talking about these issues but acting accordingly, and Certas has a concrete action plan. These certifications will also help potential customers or partners choose the right service provider that shares their values.» 

Alongside “Swiss Climate – Certas is CO2 neutral”, Certas is also certified by “nativa”, which requires that 100% of the electricity purchased by Certas is produced by Swiss systems and that it is fed back into the grid in the required quality and quantity.