CERTAS multicall – a range of new functions for a proven product


Mass notification with a single swipe

For several years now, we have been offering our corporate clients a service that rapidly informs and mobilises all the people and emergency personnel involved in the event of a crisis.

With “CERTAS multicall”, customers are able to notify the necessary personnel simultaneously and without delay. This means that all persons responsible for the respective event (crisis team, IT specialists, family, company fire department, management, technicians, company paramedics, etc.) are notified by means of a pre-recorded voice message.

Last year – long before the COVID pandemic – Certas decided to modernise the popular mobilisation system “CERTAS multicall” and to bring it up to the state of the art. Over about one year, the service for crisis situations was completely revised and the “CERTAS multicall” app will now be launched on the market in the coming weeks.

A new feature is that groups of people such as employees or family members can be alerted directly from the app within a short time. Alerts received in the app can be either accepted or rejected. The advantages of the new “CERTAS multicall” app are clear – a particular group can be mobilised quickly and the system excels thanks to its user-friendly operation and highest safety standards. With the new app, users can trigger a mass notification and send the required information at the push of a button. Recipients receive a push notification when an alert is pending and acknowledge the message. The app enables subsequent access to notification history over the last 30 days, and always shows the availability of recipients as well as any registrations and de-registrations. The app is available in German, English, French and Italian.

The alert sequence can be tracked in real time. It can thus clearly be seen which alerts have been accepted and by whom. In a crisis situation, such as natural disasters, fire, demonstrations, technical faults, gas leaks or flood, Certas will organise alerting procedures, so that customers can perform the first emergency response measures without delay. Predefined groups are notified with a pre-recorded voice message, and mobilised if necessary. Customers can trigger this themselves in the “CERTAS multicall” app – however, Certas will remain available 24/7 for customers.

In a second launch stage, Certas will offer clients even more options. Defined users (administrators) will be able to set up groups independently or to add and delete recipients in the event of staffing changes, for example.

Using CERTAS multicall, predefined groups of people can be alerted anywhere and at any time, at the push of a button.

In the current situation in particular, it is important to be able to inform, when necessary, all those involved quickly and simultaneously – regardless of your own infrastructure.

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