CERTAS alarm centre - landline telephony affected over a large area.

Due to a large-scale disruption, the accessibility of the Certas alarm centre via landline telephony is severely limited or not possible at all. For real emergencies, please use the following mobile numbers.

For all other concerns, we ask you to contact us via e-mail or wait until the disruption is resolved.

Certas AG Zürich
Schweizerische Alarm- und Einsatzzentrale
Kalkbreitestrasse 51
8003 Zürich
+41 79 609 47 37

Certas SA Lausanne
Centrale suisse d’alarme et d’engagement
Chemin de Bérée 52
1010 Lausanne
+41 79 446 24 45

Certas SA Lugano
Certas Centrale Svizzera d’allarme e intervento
Via Luigi Canonica 6
6900 Lugano
+41 79 171 36 87