With CERTAS support line, you can rest assured that all after office hours will be answered and that all necessary measures will be taken, every hour and under all circumstances.


Certas Arbeiter

Your customers assess the service quality of your company also on the basis of your telephone availability. For a high level of customer satisfaction, it is thus advisable to make sure that your customers can reach you by telephone even outside your office hours.

What is CERTAS support line?


CERTAS support line takes care of your telephone service outside your office hours (around 75% of the time) – even on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Certas will take calls on behalf of your company in accordance with your instructions and provide support services to your customers.

How does CERTAS support line work?

  1. Call handling outside office hours. This usually corresponds to two-thirds of the time. A guarantee that the caller will always get the help they need.

  2. Issue prioritization: depending on the urgency of the customer concern, Certas can execute different measures: A third party (e.g. a technician) is dispatched directly, or the call is routed to you, or the reason for the call is documented and sent to the customer as an e-mail protocol.

  3. Reporting on any measures taken.


Your benefits:


    With CERTAS support line your company can be reached 24/7, even on holidays.
    All calls will be answered in your name and the necessary measures will be taken according to your contingency plan.
    Every call is unique and will be answered according to your instructions.
    If the call requires a third party (e. g. a technician) to be called, Certas will contact them directly according to your instructions.
    Certas operates three alarm monitoring centres in Zurich, Lausanne and Lugano and can answer calls in English, German, French and Italian.
    After each case you will receive a detailed report.
    With CERTAS support line, you don't need your own staff to take care of your telephone system 24 hours a day. The number of interventions by your staff can be reduced thanks to prioritisation by Certas.
Parking Certas supportline

«I live in the country and often travel to town for my job. One day, I had to take an early train around 5 a.m. I took my car to the P+R parking near the station. I wanted to pay for my parking spot, but the machine was out of order. To avoid a fine, I decided to call the service number that was displayed on the machine. A friendly voice did answer my call. The person did take note of the problem, asked the number of the parking spot, my car registration number and promised to relay the information according to my explanations. As I came back to my car in the evening, I was happy to see no parking fine on my windscreen. A friend of mine that is working in the security business explained to me that this is a service of CERTAS support line, where experienced security employees solve such problems no matter what time of the day it is.»

Tanja, 45