With CERTAS multicall, you can always be sure that in the event of an emergency, all the people you need will be alerted - at all times and under all circumstances.

Certas-Mitarbeiter Telefon

CERTAS multicall enables you to inform and mobilize all involved persons and emergency forces very quickly in the event of a crisis. With CERTAS multicall you are able to inform all persons responsible for the respective event at the same time and without delay (management, crisis management, firefighters on stand-by, technicians, emergency services, own personnel) by means of a pre-recorded voice message.

What is CERTAS multicall?


CERTAS multicall is a fast-response information and mobilization service that can be used in a wide variety of crisis situations: natural disaster, fire, public unrest, technical emergency, gas leak or flooding situation. CERTAS multicall will organize the information to your team and the mobilization of the necessary personnel. During this time, you can concentrate on what's to be done to solve the crisis.

In addition, by means of a conference call provided by Certas, all participants can discuss the current crisis situation and discuss further steps with each other. You can rely on the professional support of Certas employees and benefit from our many years of experience.

Certas multicall

How does CERTAS multicall work?

  1. Notification from a customer.

  2. Simultaneous forwarding via CERTAS multicall.

  3. Thanks to the acknowledgements sent, Certas knows exactly, which individuals have received
    the message and are taking the necessary measures.

  4. Updates on the current state of the alert,
    operation report, controlling.

Your benefits:


    Simultaneous notification or alerting of a large number of people in a very short time.
    In the event of a crisis, pre-recorded messages are sent simultaneously to all persons responsible for the specific event.
    No matter where you are, no matter what happens, your mobilization message will always be delivered to the recipients you have defined.
  • 24/7 SERVICE
    Certas never sleeps and reacts immediately. Allow yourself more security and less stress by delegating alarm handling to our security experts.
    You will receive a report by e-mail that tells you which people have listened to and acknowledged your message and are on their way to where it happens.
    CERTAS multicall works with your existing facilities. You do not need a specific infrastructure.
Technische Anlage Certas multicall

«In spring we had a major breakdown on one weekend. After a network failure, our system was flooded with various error messages from the production plant. These required immediate processing and could otherwise have led to a complete system failure. Thanks to CERTAS multicall, we were able to quickly and easily notify all the persons responsible for the system and the IT managers. Within 60 minutes, there was enough staff on site to prevent a total breakdown. CERTAS multicall is an optimal solution to efficiently inform and mobilise a certain group of employees in an emergency without delay.»

Marcus, 54, head of security