New Certas - new look

We see something you don't see, and that is...

"We see something you don't see and that is your contact for safety and well-being." With this and similar slogans, Certas has been cuddling customers, investment contractors and interested parties for a few weeks. We use a well-known child's play: "I see something you don't see, and that ..." is the beginning of every story to be told in the presentation of the individual products. You can find the word games in all brochures, flyers or booths. The website of Certas comes with fresh presentation. The structured appearance helps the user to navigate the different channels faster. In addition, every product has its own color. With the new concept, we can react quickly to market changes and communication is always flexible.
Certas AG can look back on more than 20 years of company history. 170 employees at the locations in Zurich, Lausanne and Lugano ensure that no alarm signal goes unheard; be the burglary, fire and raid messages or video surveillance signals, but also alarms of the building management system (such as air conditioning, heating, elevator) - true to the Certas slogan "play it safe".