Certas SIM card new 3MB instead of 1MB

From now on you benefit from improved SIM card conditions.

As our customer you can benefit from a transmission via a sim card. As a redundant transmission path (2-way) it is possible to use a Certas SIM card. As soon as the primary transmission path is interrupted, the sim card takes over the data transport. Over 5000 customers already benefit from this offer.

Until the end of 2016, the data volume was limited to 1 MB. For one part of our customers this caused additional costs. Certas has worked for you and is now able to offer a data volume of 3 MB for the same price. We stand by our motto "with Certas you play it safe ..." If you also want to benefit from this solution, you tell your system installer to install the Certas SIM card with you as well.
More power - now 3 MB included.
The Certas SIM card is now equipped for a higher traffic volume. 3 MB are now included in every subscription.
No price increase.
You get more data for the same price.
More services from Certas.
Fast and efficient connection thanks to preconfigured Certas SIM card.