Fire protection

There are many ways to prevent fires. Be prepared for the emergency!

Installing smoke alarms: Most fire victims do not die of burns but of smoke poisoning. Especially at night the danger is acute. Smoke alarms reliably warn against smoke development: they trigger an alarm, enabling residents to wake up and escape.

Installing Fire Extinguishers: A fire extinguisher can effectively fight small fires at the start of a fire. It must be accessible quickly (in case of fire you will not have time to get it out of the basement). Let your dealer advise you.

Have extinguishers serviced: Extinguishers must be serviced every two years.

Buy fire blanket: A fire blanket is made of fire-proof, air-impermeable material. With her small fires can be stifled. The burning object is wrapped or covered with the blanket so that the oxygen supply is blocked and the flames extinguish. The fire blanket must not be removed too soon from the fire, otherwise re-ignition is possible.

fire alarm

An alarm system can additionally be equipped with fire detectors. A fire can thus already be recognized during the emergence, in order to warn the inhabitants at an early stage. Different types of devices are on the market:

Smoke Detector: This type of detector is currently being installed the most. Smoke detectors have an optical chamber that is illuminated by an LED. Clear air reflects practically no light, but with smoke the light is scattered and the detector indicates.

Heat detector: This type of detector is installed in workshops or kitchens where smoke, smoke or dust in smoke detectors can interfere. Heat detectors sound an alarm when the ambient temperature rises above a certain maximum value (usually around 50 to 60 ° C).

Fire Gas / Flue Gas Detector: Most fire victims die from smoke poisoning. If carbon monoxide (CO) is inhaled, the person is unconscious after a few breaths and the poisoning can lead to death within a short time. A gas alarm sounds an alarm if the concentration of CO, CO2 or other combustion gases in a room exceeds a certain level and there is a risk of smoke poisoning.